TEDx – Let's Talk Porn

Changing attitudes exists to eliminate all attitudes leading to sex-buying. This includes talking porn. Watch the TEDx Talk, and go tell all your friends.

See selected references for the TEDx Talk “Let’s talk Porn” here:

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  • The brain scan image used in the talk is an illustration, produced by Changing attitudes, of an MRI brain scan image. The original photo was first used by Channel 4 in an interview with the researcher Valerie Voon and was also published in “Pornography addiction leads to same brain activity as alcoholism or drug abuse, study shows”, The Independent, 22 September 2013 (online edition).

  • Visuell drog - om barn, unga & nätporr, av Maria Ahlin och Ulrica Stigberg. (Kalla Kulor förlag). Hardback edition, 223 pp.

  • Changing attitudes’ Instagram: @changingattitudes.

"Det går visst"

Nina och Peter Rung, båda två medlemmar av CA’s Advisory Board, har inlett ett samarbete med Caroline Hjerpe Jewlery där de tillsammans tagit fram ett armband med citatet “Det går visst” av professor emerita i straffrätt Madeleine Leijonhufvud som bl a arbetade för att sexköpslagen skulle bli av.

Från och med nu, när du köper just det armbandet som Nina & Peter tagit fram, så går 150 kr direkt till Changing attitudes.

Maria Ahlin inbjuden till TEDx

Changing attitudes’ ordförande Maria Ahlin är inbjuden av TEDxGöteborg att hålla en TEDx-talk om porr. Temat för eventet är “Disrupting Status Quo” och äger rum i Göteborg den 18 februari.

TEDx om CAs ordförande Maria Ahlin: “By inspiring a public conversation about pornography she is challenging old beliefs and myths by replacing them with facts, science, and real-life stories. All of which are clearly showing the serious health consequences originating from porn consumption. In addition to being a public speaker, author and educator Maria is also head of youth organization 'Changing attitudes'.”

Vi tror detta kommer bli fett!

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